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Issues you may find on this website:


Some content does not display.

First Discussion:

(a) Hit the "Refresh" button (F5, CMD+R on Mac); (b) Add website to compatibility view; (c) Use Foxfire web browser and/or, (d) Add latest Flash Player update.

Second Discussion:

Amazon carousel widgets are blocked by some ad block (adblock) software programs. Solution:

Most adblockers have the option to disable/reenable their program as well as initiate exception filters, i.e., Adblock Plus.  Please read your adblock software help literature for more details.


- Widget source-based templates such as we use are not available in certain locales in Canada, China, Italy and Spain.
- Because Amazon carousel widgets use Flash Player technology, they may not work properly on certain mobile devices.


(no other anomalies reported at this time)

Please report all issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. THANK YOU.