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mark at taj mahalInspiration and Support tools for life’s journey website is owned and operated by Gandiva Media. Our mission is to expound on knowledge of the Om mantra and provide information and access to support tools for life’s journey. Partnering with and others, we offer a variety of products that can enhance and sustain the customer’s quality of life. We have studied many of the teachings discussed on this website and have been involved in several of these organizations and know the value they provide. We combine the best of both East and West, as our goal is to expose people to a broader understanding of excellence and wisdom literature.

We believe that at certain junctures in people’s lives they gravitate towards a great ambition or an ultimate goal, or strive toward great knowledge. one-dream

“One Dream”

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Our future does not lie in the known; keep curiosity alive. We believe that all true inspiration and guidance, either written or spoken, comes from one transcendent universal source. These viewpoints take into consideration concepts of courage, vision, passion, integrity, and healthy lifestyle as main action-drivers towards the goal.

Our vision is for a safer more integrated world, helping each other bridge the way to spiritual, mental, and emotional fulfillment. Lastly, to better serve our customers, will continue to refine and update its website, and we welcome your feedback.

Mark Stevens